SSL/TLS Decryptor

SSL/TLS traffic decryptor allows monitoring of encrypted traffic. Integrating SSL inspector with DLP/IDS/IPS systems enables a thorough analysis of network traffic.

Decrypted traffic is analyzed for signs of security and data breaches. It is possible to detect viruses, unauthorized document copying as well as malware attacks. If DLP/IDS/IPS devices do not decrypt network traffic, then encrypted data passing through those remains uninspected. There is no insight into transferred data. Only traffic decryption enables the DLP/IDS/IPS devices to do their job of protecting against security threats.

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SSL/TLS Inspection solution use cases:

  • suspicious user activity on social media
  • access to Google apps using HTTPS protocol
  • Internet searching using a web browser with HTTPS protocol enabled
  • access to web-based email services

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